How to Avoid Animal Collisions

avoid animal collisionsIt doesn’t matter whether you’re driving on the highway or along a country back road, there’s always the possibility of an animal crossing in front of you. Large antelope, in particular, can cause a lot of damage to your vehicle. Hitting one will probably result in an expensive trip to see a collision repair specialist. Millions of drivers every year require car or truck repairs due to animal collisions. The best way to avoid being one of these drivers is to drive smarter and safer. Check out these tips to learn how to avoid animal collision and the resultant repairs.

1. Never Swerve

One of the best ways to avoid animal collision repairs is to respond appropriately in the moment. While your instinct may be to swerve out of the way, breaking is always better. This helps keep other cars uninvolved in the accident.

2. Pay Extra Attention in Twilight Hours

Animals are more active at dawn and dusk. Make sure you keep your eyes on the road during these periods. Paying close attention to your surroundings will help you avoid an animal collision.

3. Know There are More than One

Deer often travel in groups. While you may only see one, there are probably more close by. Stay alert and keep your eyes peeled in order to avoid animal collisions.

Animal Collisions Happen: Get the Help You Need Today!

No matter how careful you are, there’s always the chance of an animal collision. If you’ve been in an accident and need auto body repair, WBL Automotive Collision Repair is here to provide the professional service and customer care you need. We offer a wide variety of services, including RV repair and vehicle painting. For more information, visit our website. You can also call us at (360) 205–1567 to schedule an appointment to bring your car in.

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Auto Repairs After Animal Collisions

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