Types of Auto Paint for Your Vehicle

car paintWhether you need collision repair, or simply want a change in color for your vehicle, it’s important to know about auto paint. While your local collision repair specialist will be able to explain the differences between paint types, familiarizing yourself beforehand will expedite the intake process. Having a basic understanding of auto painting also ensures you will obtain the exact look you want for your vehicle. So here’s some very basic information about three of the most common auto paint types used for car and truck body repairs .

1. Urethane Paint

Urethane is a versatile auto paint that can be sprayed over almost every other kind of paint. While it isn’t the cheapest option, it is quite affordable. Urethane dries very quickly and is extremely durable, rarely fading or chipping. It does, however, sometimes take on a plastic-like appearance over time.

2. Metallic Paint

Metallic auto paint is ideal for sports and muscle cars, because it stands out. In many cases, metallic paint actually increases the value of your car. The resulting shine is also effective at hiding surface scratches and dings. When more extensive damage occurs, however, this type of paint is very difficult to fix. Matching the color can be hard, and metallic paint is very expensive.

3. Acrylic Paint

If you like a glossy finish, acrylic paint is a good option. It’s easy to apply and results in a hard shell once it’s fully dry. This auto paint doesn’t last long, however, and easily fades over time, especially when exposed to sunlight. Acrylic paint generally requires significant finishing work as well.

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