How to Avoid Auto Paint Repairs in Arlington

auto paint repairsIf you’ve ever needed collision repairs or vehicle painting services in Arlington, Washington, you know that the process can be time consuming and expensive. The easiest way to avoid auto paint repairs is to be more careful during your everyday vehicle use. Remembering to follow these simple tips will keep your car’s paint job pristine.

1. Beware of Jewelry

A common source of scratches, particularly near the door of your car, is jewelry and keys. Holding watches, rings, or even keys in hand when opening your door can cause small, but unsightly, scratches that will require auto paint repairs. Belts and other fashion accessories can also do damage as you brush against your vehicle in a tight parking lot.

2. Don’t Park Near Foliage

We often rush to find the closest spot when parking our vehicles. This can lead to choosing parking spaces that are too close to bushes or other obstacles. Even the smallest stray branch can easily cause long unsightly scratches along your vehicle, requiring the need of auto paint repair services.   

3. Keep It Clean

Vehicle paint is made to withstand the elements but only to a degree. Keeping your car free of bird droppings, dirt, and other debris will ensure less opportunity for scratches that will require auto paint repairs. Avoid using automated car washes because their brushes can be harsh on your paint. Always use quality car washing and drying materials, such as microfiber cloths and cleaning compounds.

Need Expert Auto Paint Repairs in Arlington?

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Expert Auto Paint Repairs in Arlington

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