Auto Repair Questions to Ask in Granite Falls

auto repair questionsHave you recently been involved in a car accident in Granite Falls, Washington? If so, you’ll probably need to schedule collision repairs with at an auto body shop. Not all service centers are the same, however. To ensure you receive the best service available, it’s important to learn as much as possible before bringing your vehicle in. Ask these auto repair questions before picking an auto body shop in Granite Falls.

What kind of warranty do you offer?

Whether or not the auto body shop in question offers a warranty on labor and parts is important. In fact, this should be one of the first questions you ask. Never accept services from a repair shop that doesn’t stand behind its work.

How long will the repairs take?

Leaving your vehicle at the auto body shop for repairs can be a big inconvenience, especially if you don’t have another means of transportation readily available. Make sure you ask your certified auto body expert for a timeframe, so you’ll know up front how long you’ll be without your car or truck.  Continue Reading →

Signs It’s Time to Schedule Auto Body Painting in Stanwood

auto body painting, vehicle paintingWhen was the last time you thought about your vehicle’s paint job in Stanwood, Washington? If you’ve never needed auto body painting services before, you might not be very familiar with the process. After all, some car owners never require post-purchase vehicle painting, while others end up needing it shortly after driving a new vehicle home for the first time. It’s impossible to predict when a trip to the auto body repair shop will be necessary, but there are ways to determine whether or not it’s time to schedule an appointment. If you notice or experience any of the following indicators, you should schedule an auto body painting consultation with a certified auto paint expert in Stanwood.

Your Vehicle’s Been in an Accident

Most car owners schedule auto body painting services after an auto collision. While your vehicle may still be drivable, it’s important to address chipped paint as soon after a wreck as possible. Leaving your vehicle exposed too long can cause rusting. Continue Reading →

Common Questions About RV Collision Repair in Warm Beach

RV collision repairHave you recently been in an auto collision with your RV in Warm Beach, Washington? If so, it’s important to schedule RV collision repair as soon as possible. If this is the first time you’ve required collision repairs, you probably have a lot of questions. Find the answers to the most common inquiries here and then find a reliable RV collision repair shop in Warm Beach.

Is repair necessary for minor body damage?

Because RVs are much bigger than other vehicles, it’s not uncommon for them to develop minor damage. While not all blemishes will require leaving your vehicle at an auto body repair shop, you should have them checked out. Always schedule RV collision repair after an accident involving another car or truck.

How is RV body damage repaired?

RVs are built differently than other cars and trucks on the road. As a result, RV collision repair must be addressed by certified collision experts who have been technically trained to conduct sheet metal replacement and fiberglass repair. Continue Reading →

3 Must-Have Auto Body Shop Traits in Darrington

auto body shopDo you need collision repairs in Darrington, Washington? Finding a reliable auto body shop can be difficult, especially if you’ve never worked with one before. To ensure you get the service and vehicle care you deserve, it’s important to thoroughly investigate all of your options. During your search, look for the following must-have traits in an auto body shop in Darrington.

Warranty Offer

Whether you need body repair or vehicle painting services, it’s important that your auto body shop has some form of warranty offer. Never settle for an auto body repair shop that doesn’t stand behind its work.

Price Estimates

After an auto collision, there are enough frustrating unknowns to deal with. Don’t add the cost of repairs to the list. A good auto body shop will provide you with honest price estimates. Never work with a shop that won’t provide you with a detailed estimate. Continue Reading →

Common Fleet Vehicle Collision Repairs in Marysville

fleet vehicle collision repairHas any of your fleet vehicles been in an accident in Marysville, Washington? If so, it’s time to schedule fleet vehicle collision repairs. Waiting to schedule an appointment with a certified collision expert can be a costly mistake, because damage tends to expand if left unaddressed. If you’re unsure what to expect, keep these common fleet vehicle collision repairs in mind as you look for a reliable auto body repair shop in Marysville.

Body Repair

One of the most common fleet vehicle collision repairs is body repair. If the body of your fleet vehicle has been dented, company policies and/or customer preferences probably require that you address the problem quickly.

Glass Repair and Replacement

Depending on the severity of the accident, fleet vehicle collision repair may also include glass repair or replacement. It’s important to take care of these issues after an auto collision because your auto glass helps maintain the structural integrity of your vehicle. Continue Reading →

Is Your Auto Repair Estimate too High in Oso?

auto repair estimateDepending on the damage, auto body repairs can be extremely expensive. Between replacement parts and paint, a high preliminary auto repair estimate isn’t uncommon. But how high is too high? It’s important to realize that you don’t have to commit to collision repairs at the first shop you find. In fact, it’s smart to ask for a second opinion. Unless you already have a certified collision expert you trust, consider these tips for finding an alternative auto body repair shop in Oso. 

Ask Friends and Relatives

You probably have friends or family members who have needed auto body repairs in the past. Take time to ask the people you know about their experiences with particular shops and approximately what they paid. While their repair needs may have been different than yours, this will help you determine if your initial auto repair estimate is too high. Keep in mind that vehicle painting is costly and will differ by vehicle make and model. Continue Reading →

Reasons You Shouldn’t Attempt DIY Auto Body Repair in Lake Stevens

DIY auto body repairAfter an accident in Lake Stevens, Washington you may be tempted to try do-it-yourself (DIY) solutions for auto body repairs. Unless you’re experienced with collision repairs, you can cause even more damage to your vehicle. Don’t make this expensive mistake! Consider these important reasons why it’s always better to hire a certified collision expert to repair damage your vehicle sustained during an accident in Lake Stevens.

Difficult to Match Paint

The toughest part of auto body repair is vehicle painting. Your vehicle’s paint may have multiple coats of varied materials to attain the final color and appearance it had before the accident. Most DIY auto body repair options result in sub-par paint jobs that will are easily noticed.

Hidden Electrical Damage

You may think your bumper is the only damaged component, but your vehicle may have electrical components you aren’t aware of. Parking assist, object detection, operating lights, and a few other systems are all wired underneath the outside of your vehicle. An auto body repair shop will properly check for subsequent damage after fixing your cosmetic issues. Continue Reading →

How to Avoid Auto Paint Repairs in Arlington

auto paint repairsIf you’ve ever needed collision repairs or vehicle painting services in Arlington, Washington, you know that the process can be time consuming and expensive. The easiest way to avoid auto paint repairs is to be more careful during your everyday vehicle use. Remembering to follow these simple tips will keep your car’s paint job pristine.

1. Beware of Jewelry

A common source of scratches, particularly near the door of your car, is jewelry and keys. Holding watches, rings, or even keys in hand when opening your door can cause small, but unsightly, scratches that will require auto paint repairs. Belts and other fashion accessories can also do damage as you brush against your vehicle in a tight parking lot.

2. Don’t Park Near Foliage

We often rush to find the closest spot when parking our vehicles. This can lead to choosing parking spaces that are too close to bushes or other obstacles. Even the smallest stray branch can easily cause long unsightly scratches along your vehicle, requiring the need of auto paint repair services.    Continue Reading →

Types of Auto Paint for Your Vehicle

car paintWhether you need collision repair, or simply want a change in color for your vehicle, it’s important to know about auto paint. While your local collision repair specialist will be able to explain the differences between paint types, familiarizing yourself beforehand will expedite the intake process. Having a basic understanding of auto painting also ensures you will obtain the exact look you want for your vehicle. So here’s some very basic information about three of the most common auto paint types used for car and truck body repairs .

1. Urethane Paint

Urethane is a versatile auto paint that can be sprayed over almost every other kind of paint. While it isn’t the cheapest option, it is quite affordable. Urethane dries very quickly and is extremely durable, rarely fading or chipping. It does, however, sometimes take on a plastic-like appearance over time.

2. Metallic Paint

Metallic auto paint is ideal for sports and muscle cars, because it stands out. In many cases, metallic paint actually increases the value of your car. The resulting shine is also effective at hiding surface scratches and dings. When more extensive damage occurs, however, this type of paint is very difficult to fix. Matching the color can be hard, and metallic paint is very expensive. Continue Reading →

What to Do Before Beginning RV Collision Repairs

RV collision repairsIf you own an RV, you already know that you can’t take it to just any old auto shop for repairs. Regular car or truck repairs don’t cut it. So what happens when you’re in an accident with your RV? Because not every shop is equipped or experienced enough to handle RV collision repairs, you may worry that the repair process will be difficult. Don’t fret yet. To help you get through this ordeal, here are 3 steps to take before taking your vehicle to an expert RV collision repair specialist in your area.

1. Ask for a copy of the police report

Having a copy of the police report is always important when it comes to collision repairs. Before leaving the scene, make sure you have access to the final report. Continue Reading →