Precision Vehicle Painting in Arlington, Skagit Monroe & All Snohomish County

vehicle paintingWBL Collision Centers take pride in providing the highest quality vehicle painting in Arlington, Skagit, Monroe and throughout Snohomish County. Our new facility is equipped with the latest in computerized systems and equipment, including specialized paint-matching software to perfectly and expertly match the color and finish of any car, truck, RV, trailer or fleet vehicle. And we have two state-of-the-art paint bays to serve you.

Professionally Trained Technicians, Quality Coatings & Lifetime Warranty

Our technicians are professionally trained, I-CAR gold-certified, and provided with the most advanced equipment to enable them to do their best work. We use only high-quality PPG paints and coatings formulated specifically for the auto industry, and we take our time to apply them right. All our paint work is backed up with a lifetime warranty, so there’s never a worry about paint failure or fading.

Best Vehicle Painting Process

cars, trucks, collision repairProper vehicle painting starts with a completely clean surface, and our technicians are meticulous about all surfaces to being free of dust, dirt, grease and other materials. Perfect priming comes next, and we make sure we allow the time for primer to properly cure. Once completely cured, primed surfaces are sanded and prepped for paint.

fleet vehicle repair, heavy equipment repairPainting is a multi-step process in itself, with the technician beginning by mixing a colored basecoat to precisely match the vehicle’s color. Once the basecoat is carefully and evenly applied and allowed to dry, we apply a clear topcoat to protect and provide a glossy finish. The vehicle’s finish is then carefully inspected for blemishes, and polished until it shines. Our technicians ensure complete satisfaction with every vehicle we paint.

Contact us for all your collision repair and vehicle painting needs. We’re ready to serve you at our state-of-the-art facilities in Arlington, Skagit and Monroe!

Meticulous Vehicle Painting in Arlington, Skagit, Monroe & All Snohomish County

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